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"Podem ainda não estar a ver as coisas à superficie, mas por baixo já está tudo a arder" - Y. B. Mangunwijaya, escritor indonésio, 16 de Julho de 1998.

The Revolution Will Be Instagramvised

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Bem-vindos ao século XXI:


O Comité do Prémio Pulitzer concedeu uma "menção especial" esta sexta-feira para a adolescente cujo vídeo da prisão e assassinato de George Floyd por um polícia gerou protestos em todo o mundo contra a violência racista.


[Na imagem street art anónima na Rua Detrás da Guarda em Setúbal]


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Apenas alguns dias depois da morte de David Dushman

por josé simões, em 08.06.21


zyklon b.jpg



The American Jewish Committee on Monday denounced plans by the southwestern US state of Arizona to jumpstart its long-frozen execution program by using “Zyklon B,” the chemical used by the Nazis at the Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, and other death camps.


Apenas alguns dias depois da morte de David Dushman.





The Promised Land

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Go Nakamura - Reuters.jpg



An asylum-seeking migrant man from Venezuela carries an elderly woman as he walks in the water to cross the Rio Grande river into the United States from Mexico in Del Rio, Texas.


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Sign O' The Times, CLXVIII

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Sign O' The Times, Capítulo CLXVII






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Século XXI

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O primeiro condenado da era do telemóvel. Dito de outra maneira, antes do triunfo das redes sociais Derek Chauvin tinha sido "found guilty"?





Justice Now

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Sign O' The Times, CLXI

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Sign O' The Times, Capítulo CLX






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Waiting for the sun

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As roughly 4,500 children wait in Border Patrol facilities unequipped for long-term detention, with some sleeping on floors, the U.S. has rushed to open holding sites across the country and release children more quickly.⁠⁠


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"O Superman" *

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               * "O judge
               O Mom and Dad
               Mom and Dad
               O judge
               O Mom and Dad
               Mom and Dad
               Hi. I'm not home right now. But if you want to leave a
               Message, just start talking at the sound of the tone.
               Hello? This is your Mother
               Are you there?
               Are you coming home?


               Is anybody home?
               Well, you don't know me, but I know you"


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Keep the faith

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Jae C. Hong Covid vaccine.jpg



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Road To Nowhere

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2 Luis Cristobal Acosta.jpg



3 Luis Cristobal Acosta.jpg



"Migrants cross the Chucunaque river after walking for five days in the Darien Gap, in Bajo Chiquito village, Darien province, Panama on February 10, 2021, on their way to the US.⁣"


Migrants from Haiti and several African countries remain stranded at the Panama-Colombia border, while the Central American country is expecting a new wave of migrants.






Sign O' The Times, CXXVIII

por josé simões, em 21.01.21





Steal @berniesanders’ inauguration look (if our democratic socialist king subscribed to luxury fashion consumerism, of course). ⁠


Bernie’s inauguration mittens are made of repurposed wool and recycled plastic bottles and were created by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Vermont.


Sign O' The Times, Capítulo CXXVII





Sign O' The Times, CXXIV

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Members of the National Guard rest while protecting the US Capitol, one week after supporters of President Trump overtook the building, and as the House debates the impeachment of the President


Sign O' The Times, Capítulo CXXIII