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"Podem ainda não estar a ver as coisas à superficie, mas por baixo já está tudo a arder" - Y. B. Mangunwijaya, escritor indonésio, 16 de Julho de 1998.

Life During Wartime

por josé simões, em 09.12.22


Gleb Garanich.jpg



A couple kisses on a street amid a snowfall as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, in central Kyiv, Ukraine.  Reuters/ Gleb Garanich


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Waiting for the sun

por josé simões, em 06.12.22


Valentyn Ogirenko- Reuters.jpg



A local woman walks next to a wall of a residential building, heavily damaged during Russian invasion, from which a group of people tried to steal the work of street artist Banksy, in the town of Hostomel, Kyiv region, Ukraine. Reuters/ Valentyn Ogirenko
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por josé simões, em 29.11.22


Umit Bektas - Reuters.jpg



A demonstrator confronts security forces as people protest regarding violence against stray dogs in Istanbul, Turkey. Reuters/ Umit Bektas


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From Russia with Love

por josé simões, em 28.11.22


Alexey Malgavko - Reuters.jpg



Russian conscripts called up for military service look out of a train window before their departure for garrisons at a railway station in Omsk, Russia. Reuters/ Alexey Malgavko


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Plastic People

por josé simões, em 27.11.22


1 2022-11-24T110213Z_1653631870_RC2WGW9Z0F1D_RTRMA



2022-11-24T110248Z_12 317941289_RC28DW9I25UM_RTRMA



3 2022-11-24T110229Z_1551661273_RC24DW9LEFOP_RTRMA



"A protected site on paper, the Cerron Grande reservoir is one of Central America’s most polluted bodies of water."


El Salvador’s biggest freshwater lake swamped by rubbish


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I Fought the Law

por josé simões, em 18.11.22


Jorge Silva - Reuters.jpg



A demonstrator spray paints shields help up by police officers during a protest against the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit near the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center venue, at Asoke Junction, in Bangkok, Thailand November 17, 2022. Reuters/ Jorge Silva


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Smashing Pumpkins

por josé simões, em 16.11.22


Carlos Barria - Reuters.jpg



President Donald Trump is seen between pumpkins during a campaign rally at Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport in Butler, Pennsylvania, October 31, 2020. Reuters/ Carlos Barria


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Dead Meat

por josé simões, em 10.11.22


Alexey Pavlishak - Reuters.jpg



A conscript kisses the window of a train carriage as he says goodbye to family members at a local railway station during departure for the garrisons, in Sevastopol, Crimea, November 9, 2022. Reuters/ Alexey Pavlishak


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A Room with a View

por josé simões, em 07.11.22


Remo Casilli - Reuters.jpg



Nuns watch from windows as people demonstrate for peace and against Russia's invasion of Ukraine during a protest, in Rome, Italy. Reuters/ Remo Casilli


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Life During Wartime

por josé simões, em 04.11.22


Alexander Ermochenko - Reuters.jpg



A local resident walks past the body of a person killed by recent shelling near a damaged block of flats in the course of Russia-Ukraine conflict in Makiivka (Makeyevka), Russian-controlled Ukraine. Reuters/ Alexander Ermochenko


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Slow Hands

por josé simões, em 04.11.22


Michele Tantussi - Reuters.jpg



View of a handprint on the road after a climate activist's hand was unglued during a street blockade in Berlin, Germany, October 31. Reuters/ Michele Tantussi


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A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

por josé simões, em 01.11.22


Sputnik-Sergey Bobylev.jpg



Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Sochi, Russia. Sputnik/ Sergey Bobylev/ Pool via Reuters


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Still Life

por josé simões, em 30.10.22


Gleb Garanich - Reuters.jpg



A destroyed Russian BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle near the town of Izium, in Kharkiv region, September 24. Reuters/ Gleb Garanich


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Hound Dog

por josé simões, em 28.10.22


Valentyn Ogirenko - Reuters.jpg



Odin, a dog who lives with Ukrainian servicemen at their position on a frontline, lies next to AK-74 assault rifle in Mykolaiv region, Ukraine October 21, 2022.  Reuters/ Valentyn Ogirenko


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"Innovation Institute"

por josé simões, em 22.10.22


Ricardo Arduengo - Reuters.jpg



A man looks through piles of trash on the side of a street in Port-au-Prince, October 16. Reuters/ Ricardo Arduengo


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