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"Podem ainda não estar a ver as coisas à superficie, mas por baixo já está tudo a arder" - Y. B. Mangunwijaya, escritor indonésio, 16 de Julho de 1998.

"O voto é a arma do povo"

por josé simões, em 21.05.22





Local resident Jim Finn, holding 8-month old daughter Allegra Finn, casts his ballot on the morning of the national election at a Bondi Beach polling station in Sydney, Australia, May 21, 2022. Reuters/ Loren Elliott


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85 dias de guerra

por josé simões, em 20.05.22


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Ukrainian children play territorial defence fighters patrolling in the willage of Stoyanka, Kyiv region on May 19, 2022, amid Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sergei Chuzavkov/ AFP Photo


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Waiting for the sun

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War, What Is It Good for? Absolutely Nothing. Capítulo 44

por josé simões, em 19.05.22


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In Ukraine, limbs lost and lives devastated in an instant


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I Love Animals

por josé simões, em 17.05.22


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A slogan and crosses are painted on the helmet of a Ukrainian serviceman in Ruska Lozova, a village retaken by the Ukrainian forces, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in Kharkiv region, Ukraine. Reuters/ Ricardo Moraes


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The Crow

por josé simões, em 16.05.22


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A bird sits on a cross amid newly-made graves at a cemetery in the settlement of Staryi Krym outside Mariupol, Ukraine. Reuters/ Alexander Ermochenko


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War, What Is It Good for? Absolutely Nothing. Capítulo 43

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Road to Nowhere

por josé simões, em 12.05.22


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A portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a cross depicting his tomb is seen at a checkpoint outside Dnipro amid Russia's invasion in Ukraine. Reuters/ Jorge Silva


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Oh, sorry

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Elderly woman Dina, from Mariupol, reacts after arriving in a car at the evacuation point in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, 02 May 2022





Rage Hard

por josé simões, em 09.05.22


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Girl stands on the tower of a destroyed Russian tank near Makariv village, Kyiv region, Ukraine, May 7, 2022. Mikhail Palinchak


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Life During Wartime

por josé simões, em 06.05.22





Vera Velakanova, left, and Lyudmila Vondarenko eat some food at the Kapustyanyy cemetery during the day that Ukrainians mark as the day of the dead, in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Sunday, May 1, 2022. Francisco Seco/ AP Photo


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A destroyed Russian tank's turret is seen stuck in the ground, amid Russian invasion of Ukraine in Zalissia, Kyiv region, Ukraine. Reuters/ Zohra Bensemra


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Run like hell

por josé simões, em 04.05.22





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Residents react as they are evacuated from a village retaken by Ukrainian forces, next to a frontline, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, near Kharkiv, Ukraine. Reuters/ Ricardo Moraes


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