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"Podem ainda não estar a ver as coisas à superficie, mas por baixo já está tudo a arder" - Y. B. Mangunwijaya, escritor indonésio, 16 de Julho de 1998.

Pretty in Pink

por josé simões, em 27.08.22


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War, What Is It Good for? Absolutely Nothing. Capítulo 25

por josé simões, em 19.10.19


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A woman stands along the side of a road on the outskirts of the town of Tal Tamr near the Syrian Kurdish town of Ras al-Ain along the border with Turkey in the northeastern Hassakeh province in October, 2019, with the smoke plumes of tire fires billowing in the background to decrease visibility for Turkish warplanes during the continuing deadly cross-border Turkish offensive against Syria's Kurdish forces that has sparked an international outcry