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"Podem ainda não estar a ver as coisas à superficie, mas por baixo já está tudo a arder" - Y. B. Mangunwijaya, escritor indonésio, 16 de Julho de 1998.

Run like hell

por josé simões, em 01.08.22


AP Photo-Mstyslav Chernov.jpeg



Photojournalist Evgeniy Maloletka runs from a blaze in a burning wheat field while on assignment after Russian shelling, a few kilometers from the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine, Friday, July 29, 2022. [AP Photo/Mstyslav Chernov]


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These shoes are made for walkin'

por josé simões, em 24.07.22


AP Photo-Frank Augstein.jpeg



A model shows off a pair Massaro for Chanel handmade shoes in green silk with gold pistol heels, during a Haute Couture pre-auction photo call at Bonhams auction house in London, Thursday, July 21, 2022. [AP Photo/ Frank Augstein]


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"É Deus convosco na unidade do Espírito Santo"

por josé simões, em 02.07.22


AP Photo-Mark Schiefelbein.jpeg



A woman wearing a face mask rides a bicycle past a large television screen at a shopping center displaying Chinese state television news coverage of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Hong Kong in Beijing, Friday, July 1, 2022. AP Photo/ Mark Schiefelbein.


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por josé simões, em 23.06.22


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They Are Among Us

por josé simões, em 02.06.22


Natacha Pisarenko- AP Photo.jpeg



People look at a destroyed Russian tank placed at Mykhailivs'ka Square in downtown Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, May 23, 2022. AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko


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Play It Again, Sam

por josé simões, em 23.05.22





Local resident Anatolii Virko plays a piano outside a house in Velyka Kostromka village, Ukraine. AP Photo/ Francisco Seco


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War, What Is It Good for? Absolutely Nothing. Capítulo 44

por josé simões, em 19.05.22


1 - AP Photo-Emilio Morenatti.jpeg



2 - AP Photo-Emilio Morenatti.jpeg



3 - AP Photo-Emilio Morenatti.jpeg



In Ukraine, limbs lost and lives devastated in an instant


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Life During Wartime

por josé simões, em 06.05.22





Vera Velakanova, left, and Lyudmila Vondarenko eat some food at the Kapustyanyy cemetery during the day that Ukrainians mark as the day of the dead, in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Sunday, May 1, 2022. Francisco Seco/ AP Photo


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Waiting for the sun

por josé simões, em 28.04.22


Ukrainians wait for a food distribution organized



Ukrainians wait for a food distribution organized by the Red Cross in Bucha, on April 18, 2022. Emilio Morenatti/ AP


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Last Stand to Nowhere

por josé simões, em 24.04.22


Leo Correa.jpeg



Helena stands next to her belongings after arriving from Mariupol at a refugee center in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Thursday, April 21, 2022, after fleeing from the Russian attacks. AP Photo/ Leo Correa


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War, What Is It Good for? Absolutely Nothing. Capítulo 42

por josé simões, em 22.04.22


Evgeniy Maloletka.jpeg



Felipe Dana.jpeg



Emilio Morenatti.jpeg



Loss and horror during week of burials and tears


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O Mal

por josé simões, em 05.04.22


Efrem Lukatsky- AFP.jpeg



A dead civilian with his hands tied behind his back lies on the ground in Bucha close to Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, April 4, 2022. [AP Photo/ Efrem Lukatsky]


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Still Life

por josé simões, em 01.04.22


AP Photo-Rodrigo Abd.jpeg



The arm of a dead Russian soldier is seen next to a tank on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, Thursday, March 31, 2022. [AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd]


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"See in black and white, feel in slow motion" *

por josé simões, em 14.03.22


Filipe Dana - AP Photos.jpeg



Elderly residents cross a destroyed bridge while fleeing Irpin, outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, Sunday, March 13, 2022. [AP Photo/ Felipe Dana]


[* "I drown myself in sorrow until I wake up tomorrow"]





War, What Is It Good for? Absolutely Nothing. Capítulo 40

por josé simões, em 09.03.22





























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